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Stu Kaback Business Impact Award Announcement

Stu Kaback Business Impact Award Announcement

Posted on behalf of the Patent Information Users Group (PIUG)

Do you know of someone or a team of individuals who works with patent information and whose work has had a major impact on a corporation, law firm, university, government agency, non-government organization or a non-profit organization for which they work?  Perhaps they have helped to develop a new tool or database involving patent information which helped their organization to expand into a new market?  Or they have worked on a project team by exploring whether a new product, process or service of the organization could be eligible for a patent?  Their work may have even helped the organization to manage a merger, acquisition or new partnership by identifying potential leads using patent information?  These are just some of the possible scenarios that render them eligible to be awarded the Stu Kaback Business Impact Award recently introduced by the Patent Information Users Group, Inc. (PIUG).

If you do know of someone or a team who has had such an impact, there is still time to submit an application for the Stu Kaback Business Impact Award by the extended deadline of Monday, March 18, 2013.  Please note that there is no need to disclose any confidential or business sensitive information in the application. All of the details needed to complete the application can be found at:

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