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Registration Now Open for 2016 PIUG Patent Searching Fundamentals Course

Registration Now Open for 2016 PIUG Patent Searching Fundamentals Course

It has been my pleasure to be associated with this patent searching course for many years now, but for the past few years I have only provided a lunch talk, which was given remotely. I am happy to share that this year I will be joining John Zabilski, and Dominic DeMarco onsite for both days, and will be teaching a second session in addition to an updated version of the patents, and technical intelligence presentation I traditionally give.

The PIUG Patent Searching Fundamentals course provides a fast-paced interactive learning environment that builds a strong foundation for searching patent information. Discover patent searching tips from a faculty of long-time PIUG members with decades of patent information experience, including John Zabilski, Dominic DeMarco, and Anthony Trippe.

Learn the basics of patent law, patent information resources, searching techniques, patent analysis/visualization, and tips for searching biotech, chemical, and engineering content.

Key topics covered:

  • Why search patents?
  • US patent law
  • International patent law
  • Patent Information resources (free and fee-based)
  • Searching techniques and approaches
  • Tips for biotech information
  • Tips for chemical information
  • Tips for engineering information
  • Technical intelligence and patent analysis
  • Reporting search results
  • Keeping up to date with patent resources

The PIUG Patent Searching Fundamentals course is being offered March 30-31, 2016 at the Global Intellectual Property Academy (GIPA) located at the United States Patent and Trademark Office Headquarters in Alexandria, VA

Find more information and to register for the course see the links below:



What people are saying about PIUG Patent Searching Fundamentals…

“Good guidance on effective search strategy”
– Lynn N

“Helped me expand my current skills by identifying holes in my current strategies, ideas for new improved ways of working, efficiency tips, resources, etc, beyond a true basics class”
– Melissa N

“Great search tips; better informed regarding patent basics”
– Luci B.

“Gives me greater confidence and expertise, widens my professional network. John and Dominic are both effective presenters who are clearly knowledgeable. They are careful to remain neutral RE their own business. Both are approachable and easy to speak with, humble, and willing to share their knowledge.”
– Jim S

This is one of the few course available in North America that focuses on patent searching, and it is an opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business, and by that I mean John, and Dominic more than me.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about the course, or leave a comment, and I will take it up with the other instructors.

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