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Patinformatics Publishes Quantum Computing Patent Landscape Report

Patinformatics Publishes Quantum Computing Patent Landscape Report
Quantum Computing Application and Hardware Map.
Practical Quantum Computing Presentation First Page

Patinformatics is excited to release Quantum Computing – Innovation at the Speed of Light, our latest patent landscape report!

Some of the headlines from this new report include:

“The most talked about companies in the field are D-Wave Systems, IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Intel, but Google and Intel have much smaller portfolios than the other three companies, and could be interested in acquisitions or partnerships.”
“IBM is building an enormous portfolio in the QC space, primarily in Qubit Technologies, and Hardware, and have had the most patent families published in the last two years.”

There are two versions of the report: The highlights, which hits the major themes from the study, or the full-report that includes all of our analysis. Both versions can be download free of charge from the quantum computing landing page on our website:

Quantum Computing Report

A link to this landing page can also be found on our homepage at the top of the frame on the left-hand side.

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