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Patinformatics 2013 Year in Review

Patinformatics 2013 Year in Review

As we leave 2013 behind it is customary to look back over the year that was, and reflect on some of the items learned. I have to say that this year was an amazing one on a variety of levels, and the process of running this site and my consulting business over the last 12 months has been fascinating.

Mostly through my association with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) I have traveled the world landing in Russia, Brazil, the Philippines, and India for the first time in my career. The opportunity to travel, and experience other cultures and ways of working is a blessing, and I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet so many talent and dedicated people during my travels this year. Pictures from most of these excursions can be found in the Gallery on the front page of the site.

It has also been exciting to share some new ideas with my readers over the course of the last year. When I introduce to people I share with them that there have been four major topics covered during the course of the 66 posts published since January:

Issues in Working with Patent Citations

Issues in Working with Patent Families

The Use of Machine Learning in Patent Analytics

The Introduction of New Tools and Services for the Patent Analysis Community

The statistics associated with the site also bear out how critical these topics were to the Patinformatics community during the course of 2013. The list of top ten posts, in order of popularity, on the site for this year can be found below:

First Look – New STN – Big Data Creates Chemistry Without Limits

Machine Learning in Patent Analytics – Part 1: Clustering, Classification, and Spatial Concept Maps, Oh My!

Patent Assignee Cleanup Using Google Refine (Open Refine) – Text Facets and Clustering

Machine Learning in Patent Analytics – Part 2: Binary Classification for Prioritizing Search Results

Text Comparison Tools for Assisting with Patent Claims Analysis

Patent Strategy Lesson: Shaping Patent Claims to Match Changing Markets

Why I Don’t Use Extended Families When Counting Patents

Machine Learning in Patent Analytics – Part 3: Spatial Concept Maps for Exploring Large Domains

PatentInspiration – Utilizing the Freemium Business Model for Patent Search and Analysis

The Linear Law of Patent Analysis Revisited

Posts on new tools, working with families, and machine learning are well represented in the top ten list for this year, and lest anyone think that citation analysis was not well received, item number 11 was on this topic. It was very satisfying to begin a dialog on these important items with the readers of this blog, and you can expect more of the same in 2014.

Speaking of statistics, I am pleased to share that was visited more than 38,000 times during the last 12 months with over 13,000 unique visitors looking at content on the site. About 60% of these people visited the site on multiple occasions, which I am also very happy about. I was also excited to find that people from more than 120 countries visited this year, with the majority coming from the US, India, China, Europe and Latin America. I am honored to have reached out to so many, from almost every corner of the planet, with the work I have published here.

So, all in all it was a wonderful year, filled with growth, and discovery here at I want to thank all the readers for joining me on the journey so far. Your enthusiasm for this topic, and the response I have received from writing this material has made the many hours assembling it well worth the time and effort.

In closing, I hope everyone reading this has a joyous, healthy and wonderful New Year, and I hope the blessing of the season will flow in abundance for you and your families.

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