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Patent Searching Fundamentals Course Being Offered in February in South San Francisco

Patent Searching Fundamentals Course Being Offered in February in South San Francisco

On behalf of the Patent Information Users Group (PIUG) I would like to share with you an opportunity to learn from industry experts the fundamentals of patent searching.

The PIUG will be offering an educational course on Patent Searching Fundamentals on February 19th and 20th in San Francisco, California. Dominic DeMarco of DeMarco IP, and John Zabilski of CAS are the primary instructors. The course has been successfully offered annually since 2010, but this year they have greatly expanded the practical subject material. PIUG ( is a non-profit, international trade group for the patent searching, and patent analysis community.

In addition to the material on patent searching the participants will have an opportunity to hear how they can apply what they are learning to the field of patent analytics since I will be providing a primer on patent analysis, and landscaping during the lunch talk on the 20th.

Additional details on the course can be found in the announcement below:


Patent Searching Fundamentals Course

Patent Searching Fundamentals provides a fast-paced and interactive learning environment that builds a strong foundation for searching patent information. Discover patent searching tips from a faculty of long-time PIUG members with decades of patent information experience. Learn the basics of patent law, patent information resources, searching techniques, patent analysis and visualization, and practical tips for searching biotech, chemical, and engineering content.

The Patent Searching Fundamentals course is being offered February 19-20, 2015 immediately following the PIUG 2015 Biotechnology Conference at Genentech in South San Francisco. Find more information and register for the course HERE. Registration or attendance at the PIUG Biotech Meeting is not required to attend the Patent Searching Fundamentals course.

Key topics include:

  • Why search patents?
  • US patent law
  • International patent law
  • Patent Information resources (free and fee-based)
  • Asian data sources
  • Searching techniques
  • Searching legal status
  • Practical tips for biotech information
  • Practical tips for chemical information
  • Practical tips for engineering information
  • Technical intelligence and patent mapping
  • Reporting search results
  • Keeping up to date with patent resources

This course is targeted to both new patent searchers and experienced searchers wanting to elevate their skills. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to advance your patent searching skills to the next level. Interested individuals can register for the course at


Having been associated with this course for many years I can tell you that the material is excellent, and the instructors are top-shelf. This is by far one of the best training opportunities of its kind being offered in the United States.

Hopefully this will be of interest to many of you, especially those of you who live on the West Coast of the United States.

The course is being offered in conjunction with the PIUG Biotech Meeting, which will be held at the same location at the beginning of the same week. For those of you who are interested additional details on the meeting can be found at

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