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Patent Analytics for Executive Decision Makers

Patent Analytics for Executive Decision Makers

Next week I will be in Warsaw presenting on Tuesday afternoon to help kick-off the European Patent Office’s Patent Information Conference 2014. The conference overview page provides some details on the meeting and its emphasis on patent analysis:

This year’s programme picks up on some of the topics highlighted by speakers at last year’s conference and examines them in more detail. Patent analysis, patent visualisation and the role of patent information in the strategy decision-making process have pride of place in the programme. The conference will also look at patent ownership and how to track down who owns patents; it will spotlight legal status data from Asia and take a look at future trends in patent searching.The programme will include a broad range of break-out sessions, training courses and discussion rounds. The exhibition is the leading one of its kind, where all the major patent information providers will be showcasing their latest products and services.

The program has been available for a month or so, but the organizers recently added the presentation slides, where available, to the entries. The full program can be found at

Since the slides from my presentation are now available on the conference website I thought I would post them here so the readers who can’t join us in Poland can see them, and have a look at the other presentations as well:

The fitness band case study was also presented at PATINEX in Korea, and the material on risk vs. diversification has been discussed in the IAM Magazine article, but now there are slides that summarize this content for people who have not read the full article.

Astute readers will notice a trend developing where some the world’s largest patent offices, and organizations are taking an active interest in promoting the use of patent information, and analytics for organizational decision making purposes. Those of us who have been in the industry for a while have been saying that this should have been the case for a long time, but it is great to see such active support for the notion among such high-powered participants.

Hopefully many of you will be able to attend the meeting next week since there is a full schedule of discussion forums, workshops and excellent presentations. I am also very much looking forward to visiting with many of my European colleagues. I have known many of these people for a long time, and I don’t get to interact with them as often as I would like.

Finally, I will be participating in the discussions on “communicating patent information to the board of directors”, and chairing the conversation on “using patent statistics in your daily work” both being held on Tuesday morning before the conference officially begins on Tuesday afternoon. Please say hello if you happen to see me in Warsaw. It is always wonderful to hear from blog readers while participating in conferences.

The Twitter hashtag for the conference will be #picon2014 so be sure to keep an eye on this next week once the festivities begin.

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