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Next Generation (NG) IP and R&D Dashboard � A Joint Development by Evalueserve and Treparel

Next Generation (NG) IP and R&D Dashboard � A Joint Development by Evalueserve and Treparel

Evalueserve, a global research and analytics company, and one of the largest IP and R&D search and analytics providers, has set up a strategic partnership with Treparel, a leading developer of text analytics and visualization software. This partnership has enabled the two companies to develop, and launch a next generation IP and R&D dashboard (NG Dashboard), for managing structured IP and R&D information including patent literature, scientific literature, and business news.

The next generation dashboard will find applicability with multiple roles within an organization. It is designed for information professionals on the one hand, helping them distribute and deliver interactive projects, and workflows to end users in corporate IP and R&D teams. On the other hand, the next generation dashboard is also built for the end user receiving such projects, and workflows. The end user will benefit from working on a combined platform since they will be able to utilize data drill down, and visualization capabilities. In Version 1, the NG IP and R&D Dashboard works best with structured data from any source (by analyst, database or text analytics technology). Version 2 will also include text analytics, and additional data mining features.

Typically, the deliverables of search and analytics projects in IP, or R&D environments, such as ad-hoc landscape reports, competitor analysis, or on-going watches and alerts, carried out by in-house IP and R&D information specialists, or external providers are delivered in a static format, making access to key trends, and insights a challenge for clients. Furthermore it is often difficult to include and consolidate different types of literature, patent and non-patent data, and efficiently collate and data drill-down on this data.

An additional feature of the NG Dashboard is its ability to allow numerous search projects to be run in parallel, potentially returning thousands of relevant patent and non-patent records, with the results processed in a manner specific to each project. As a result, organizations avoid the risk of creating information silos, duplicating effort, or missing key updates and insights, since all of the relevant material is gathered in one place.

This can be seen in the figure below illustrating a user’s home page in the dashboard:

Previously, tools built for another purpose, patent searching for example were used for knowledge management purposes. Since these tools were not built with this purpose in mind the results coming from them were not always satisfactory. The NG Dashboard allows information professionals within organizations to manage IP and R&D information efficiently, while providing internal end users with an accurate, and easy to use reporting and analysis system.

The NG IP and R&D dashboard can be used for a broad range of applications including:

  • Hosting and visualizing a technology landscape or innovation scouting project
  • A knowledge management tool for IP and R&D groups, hosting workflows such as alerting, current awareness, and competitor watches
  • Storing relevant patent and non-patent literature, organize alerts, and online collaboration

The NG IP and R&D Dashboard is source independent, it can host data in almost any format ranging from patent to non-patent literature (technical literature, business news, standard data), independent of the data supplier. This gives the user the flexibility to have the system interact with a host of other systems that the user may subscribes to, and export/ import any of this data into the system. The image below shows how a user would interact with a data set within the tool:

One of the most critical functions of a knowledge management system is the enablement of collaboration, between information professionals and clients, but also between colleagues working in different business segments. To provide this critical functionality, the NG IP and R&D Dashboard provides collaboration and workflow features such as sharing, alerting, and building new data sets. This helps the project leader to automate regularly-used queries, or provide comments on critical trends, threats and/or opportunities, in addition to working, and collaborating on specific projects.

Finally, the visualization and search capabilities of the NG IP and R&D Dashboard can be used for analyzing not only patent data, but also scientific literature, and business information. Next generation visualization and search capabilities make this an efficient way to draw insights, and analyze trends. The image below provides an example of just one of the interactive visualizations provided in the dashboard:

“Over the past few years we increasingly realized that no good tool was available in the market meeting the requirements of our clients. As a service provider, we would have loved to use best in class tools from the market but as there was nothing available and after we had delivered a larger number of custom developed semi modular portals to our clients we decided to work with Treparel to develop a tool that meets the requirements but also brings best in class analytics and visualization to the table. We are very excited to have this smart tool in our portfolio,” says Urs Dommann, the head of Intellectual Property and R&D solutions at Evalueserve.

“We consider Evalueserve as a market leader in the domain of IP R&D information services. We are proud to partner with Evalueserve to develop the Next Generation IP and R&D dashboard, which can help revolutionize the way IP and R&D information is stored, accessed and analyzed. A typical IP user will now have access to the best analytics tools along with visualization techniques that are specific to the demands of voluminous patent and technical literature analysis”, says Jeroen Kleinhoven, CEO of Treparel.

The NG IP and R&D Dashboard is distributed and supported by Evalueserve with a variety of hosting options ranging from hosting it on public or dedicated cloud to hosting on servers provided by clients with the standard being the cloud based option. Evalueserve has already begun distributing and supporting the NG IP and R&D Dashboard with significant success.

Evalueserve and Treparel are committed to further develop the NG IP and R&D Dashboard with the key objective of bringing advanced text analytics, the KMX engine of Treparel, and visualization into a best in class, user friendly, source neutral platform for easy usage in IP and R&D environments.

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