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Introducing Interactive Analytics using Public Portfolios and Public Documents from Relecura

Introducing Interactive Analytics using Public Portfolios and Public Documents from Relecura
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Many analysts, whether they work with internal clients, or are hired to work on behalf of other companies are always looking for visually attractive, and easy to use means for sharing content with their clients. Relecura has brought a novel new solution to this long standing concern by developing Public Portfolios, and Documents.

Public Portfolios enable users to share any portfolio saved in Relecura, with a select group of collaborators, or third parties. Relecura generates a link for the given portfolio that provides the access. This link can also be secured with a pass code, if desired. Additionally, the sender may specify an expiry date for the link, beyond which access will lapse.

Public Documents may be used when a single document is to be shared with collaborators, and external parties. As in the case of Public Portfolios, no license is required by those accessing the document, and a pass code, and expiry date may be set to limit access.

Both of the above features make for richer collaboration, and dissemination of analytics and insights than simply sharing a list of patents in a spreadsheet, or by disseminating individual patent numbers.

What one can do with Public Portfolios and Public Documents

Both the Public Portfolios, and Public Documents features have interactive analytics, and visualizations bundled with them. Using the shared link, various details of the documents may be studied, and shared. The interactive analytics allow the receiver to see different views of the portfolio documents, using some of Relecura’s additional features to refine, and visualize collections. In the case of Public Documents, the visual networks of the patent family and citations may also be filtered to get connected insights.

In addition, the sender can set the first page seen by those accessing the link, thus directing them to visualization, or graphs that provide relevant insights. The sender can further set the fields of interest for each of the documents.

Recipients can study all of the fields of the document as available in Relecura’s document display, including the document PDF, legal status, visual interactive maps of the patent family and citations, and much more.

The flow-chart given below details the specific analytics objectives that one can accomplish by using the various sections of shared Public Portfolios, and Public Documents:


Apart from sharing the links to provide access to collaborators, they may also be embedded in documents, and reports. Providing relevant Public Portfolios and Public Documents links in reports, which readers may click, and interact with can greatly enhances the impact of the report.

How this feature fits into the Relecura roadmap

The Public Portfolios and Public Documents features are a small hint of how Relecura plan to build out their platform, especially with regard to their API offering.

One can see how the Public Portfolios and Public Documents features could be widgetized, and provide embedded analytics on patent documents, or portfolios of interest. For starters, the access link may be embedded in enterprise applications, and provide appropriate analytics based on desired patent documents. This feature could also be quickly implemented using the Relecura API.

Extending this idea further, Relecura is working on enhancing the kinds of visualizations, and analytics offered by their API. They are also working on customizations for developing applications to support in-house workflows.

The Relecura API currently offers access to both clean patent data, and value added meta-data. In addition, the API offers a way for developers to incorporate high-impact analysis and visualization features that are unique to Relecura, into applications they are developing. This allows for the rapid development of a variety of rich 3rd party IP applications for the web, mobile, and embedded within existing enterprise software.

Having this many options, and development opportunities is something of a first within the IP analysis space, and Relecura hopes it will spur the development of a host of novel 3rd party IP analysis applications.

To experience more of what this feature has to offer feel free to explore the following examples:

Public Portfolio
Wireless Security Portfolio [Topic Map View]
Wireless Security Portfolio [Results View]
Public Document
[US5578839A] Light-emitting gallium nitride-based compound semiconductor device [Public Document]. This patent is one of Shuji Nakamura’s (Nobel winner in Physics, 2014) seminal Blue LED patents.

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