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Introducing AutoMatch and a Call for Testers

Introducing AutoMatch and a Call for Testers

Tryout AutoMatch! Automatic screening of prior art

AutoMatch was developed in association with University researchers in order to help organizations quickly screen invention disclosures for highly overlapping prior art. As we continue to develop this system we would like feedback on its performance, as well as the look and feel of the tool. The core functionality is designed to be integrated as a plugin to existing patent management systems via a standardized API interface, but for evaluation purposes the developers have also created a web-interface demonstrating a simple innovation workflow scenario. AutoMatch, and this test are being brought to you by Uppdragshuset, an intellectual property consulting firm based in Europe.

Background and the idea selection dilemma

The innovation process ranges from idea generation to product exploitation. Along this chain of events a lot of resources are used in order to select the unique ideas with the highest business potential.

Due to time and resource constraints organizations need to quickly filter, and evaluate the collection of concepts and focus solely on the ones that have the highest likelihood of being patentable.

AutoMatch is a decision support tool

The AutoMatch solution automatically comparing ideas to prior art, where patent documents resembling the new idea are retrieved, and presented to the user with minimal interaction on the part of the user. If there is no match, this indicates an idea with potential. Therefore, the first review of an idea along the innovation process becomes a matter of simple comparison as prior art is already provided automatically.

How does it work?

Simply paste in a title and a page summary, preferably describing the problem and/or solution. The AutoMatch analyses the text and creates a fingerprint representation which is compared to a reference database with patent documents. The output is generated within seconds showing top 25 most relevant documents with respect to content, and similarity. The screenshot below shows the simple layout of the interface, with the query text to the left and the resulting matches to the right. Also provided are supporting features for commenting, and ranking the hits as well as exporting data in MS Excel format.

How can I participate in the test?

Simply click on the link below, and a personal demo account will be created for you. This will activate a free-of-charge trial of AutoMatch during the period of 24th of March through 23rd of April 2015.

A short user guide will be available for download when you log in. We would kindly request that you apply the ranking value for retrieved prior art, in order to help us measure the precision and recall performance of the system. A web survey will also be send out after the trial period. If you have questions or thoughts, do contact us at any time during trial period, preferably by emailing us at

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