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Gridlogics Expands Patent Data Coverage of PatSeer

Gridlogics Expands Patent Data Coverage of PatSeer

Generally speaking, in the world of patent searching, and in particular validity, and clearance searching more information is better. Gridlogics, the company behind Patent iNSIGHT Pro, and PatSeer is now claiming to have the largest collection of patents available for searching electronically. Patent data is a critical resource, and now even more options are available. Details from their press release are below:

PatSeer is now the world’s most comprehensive global patent database

Mumbai, India- May 18th 2016 – Gridlogics is pleased to announce a major upgrade to the full-text patent data collection in PatSeer, its web based patent search platform that includes integrated analytics, project workflow and collaboration capabilities. With the addition of 15 new authorities, PatSeer now includes 42 searchable full-text patent data collections out of a total collection comprising 104+ authorities.

The new searchable collections make a lot more patent filings searchable and help globally competitive companies to make more informed decisions on their patent strategy in these countries.  The new upgrade is part of an ongoing initiative at Gridlogics to make more and more patent data easily accessible in a unified search platform to its users.

The new authorities recently added include Mexico, Eurasia, ARIPO, German Democratic Republic, Israel, Taiwan, Colombia, Monaco, OAPI, Morocco and many CIS countries. PatSeer also provides full-text Machine translations for Patents and Applications from Japan, China, Korea, Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Netherlands and Luxembourg including Non-Latin Company name translations. With  many industry-first capabilities like dual-family hybrid search engine, Search Recall™, Patent Dashlets® and now the world’s leading data coverage, PatSeer is rapidly growing with large Corporates, Government Offices, Law firms, Service Providers and even freelancers using the product. PatSeer’s clients are currently spread across 28 countries and its user base is expected to grow 300% this year.

Manish Sinha, Chief Technology Officer, Gridlogics said, “We have always focused our effort on what our customers want in terms of capabilities and coverage. Some of our users in pharmaceutical, FMCG and Government patent offices expressed their interest in searching beyond the usual set of patent collections and so we have worked hard on acquiring new patent data to meet that need. Users of PatSeer can now be confident that their searches are being done on the most comprehensive patent database available in the market. We continue to invest in making more and more patent data available to our users and expect to add many more full-text authorities later in the year.”

About Gridlogics

Gridlogics is a leading provider of products and custom software solutions for patent research, management, data analysis and project management.

More Patent Data is Better

I have known Manish for many years now, and his team is dedicated to building high-quality patent databases, and tools that are available at reasonable rates. With the addition of this new content they have taken a good tool in PatSeer, and made it even better.

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