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Free Patent Searching eBook Available from Gridlogics

Free Patent Searching eBook Available from Gridlogics

It’s been said that there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, which is a popular enough phrase that it has its own acronym, TANSTAAFL, but getting a free eBook for the cost of an email address may come as close as possible to putting this expression to the sword. So, I am pleased to alert my readers to an opportunity to download a free eBook on patent searching by the folks at Gridlogics, the people behind PatSeer, and Patent iNSIGHT Pro. Registration is required to activate the download, and the book features examples using the PatSeer data, which has been discussed previously on this blog, but all of this seems to be an inexpensive trade off for access to worthwhile content. Details on how to obtain the book, and what it covers can be found in the subsequent paragraphs:

Gridlogics launches free eBook on “Guide to Practical Patent Searching and how to use PatSeer for Patent Search and Analysis”

Gridlogics, a global intellectual property software solutions provider, is pleased to announce the launch of a new eBook on patent searching for the IP, business and legal communities. The book is entitled “Guide to Practical Patent Searching and how to use PatSeer for Patent Search and Analysis”, and covers the mechanics of patent searching. The book includes several examples and case studies, and also covers the PatSeer patent database, and its capabilities.

The eBook provides many practical examples and focuses on assisting the reader in defining a process for executing patent search projects such as those involving questions of patentability, validity or Freedom-to-Operate. To aid the example driven approach, case studies on how a patent search process can be mapped to organizational objectives, and decision making process have been provided.

The intended audience for the book is anyone who understands the fundamental aspects of Intellectual Property, has some background knowledge of various patent authorities, patent families and patent information fields, and would like to expand on that knowledge with sound searching techniques.

The eBook will help users answer the following questions:

  • What are the different types of Patent Search Projects
  • What are key features to learn in any search database
  • How to create a search strategy for different types of Search Projects
  • How to map your search strategy to Decision Making
  • What patent content and unique capabilities does PatSeer database have
  • What are the key features of PatSeer

The eBook is divided in two sections: Section I covers the basics and importance of patent searching, types of patent searching, search strategies for different types of search projects, and mapping patent searching to business objectives. Section II talks about PatSeer as a patent database, its content, search aids, result view, analysis of results, and other project management and sharing features. The book also includes information about PatSeer’s many unique capabilities.

Speaking on the launch, Manish Sinha, CTO of Gridlogics and one of the authors of the eBook said:

“Patent Searching is a complex and difficult task that requires a person to combine technical domain knowledge of the subject matter, Intellectual Property knowhow and complex query construction capability which, further, also differs from database to database. While there are quite a few courses offered online and in training centers, there aren’t enough books on the subject. So while we at Gridlogics naturally wanted to showcase capabilities of our PatSeer patent database, we thought why not compile all the patent search knowhow and knowledge we have accumulated into a comprehensive book that can also benefit the community. There are plans to enhance the content and scope further in successive editions too.”

The book is available as an eBook only, and is available for free by signing up at the URL below:

About Gridlogics

Gridlogics is Intellectual property software solutions provider to legal and business community across the globe. The company has been in the IP industry for the last decade and is known more by its products: Patent iNSIGHT Pro and PatSeer. Gridlogics flagship product Patent iNSIGHT Pro is a comprehensive patent research and analysis platform. PatSeer is a fully-featured online global patent database and research platform with integrated analytics, project workflow, and collaboration capabilities.

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