Workshops Available

Patinformatics, LLC is available to provide the following workshops:

Patinformatics: The Next Generation

It has been ten years since the last Patinformatics workshop was provided in conjunction with the 2003 PIUG Annual Conference. A lot has changed in that time in the field of patent analytics and looking back over the last 18 months it can certainly be agreed that the overall interest in and value of patents as increased substantially. It can be argued that we are in a time period when more attention is being paid to the patent system then ever before. An unprecedented shift is occurring in the creation of a patent marketplace and the increased value of patents as an economic driver.

Patent information professionals have a unique ability to understand the nuances of patent information and are in the best position to be able to analyze this information and provide important strategic and business insights from it. This workshop will help prepare patent information professionals to play a larger role in understanding the strategic role that patents play in helping a company achieve its business objectives and make certain that the organization has sufficient patent resources to enhance their success.

During the course of the day attendees will be exposed to a practical example of a theoretical new product being developed by a company. This example product will be studied to determine the portions of it which are most critical to seek patent protection on. Those examples will be explored to discover the competitive position the company itself holds versus those of its competitors as well as organizations in non-competing fields which could be re-applied for use in the new area. Business implications will also be covered including examination of whether the company involved will need to purchase additional patents in order to cover the proposed product. Finally, a handful of patents which theoretically might be available for sale will be examined to determine their value.

Goal of the Workshop: Participants will work through a practical example of patent analysis as it pertains to aligning corporate business goals with its patent strategy.

Objectives of the Workshop:

  • Analyze products to identify the components used within them
  • Look at means for constructing the various components and the finished products
  • Identify the elements which are most likely to require or provide maximum advantage when covered by patents
  • Provide patent analytics associated with the elements identified in the previous section
  • Develop a patent strategy aligned with the goals of the organization informed by the analytics performed
  • Consider options for acquiring patent assets aligned with business goals
  • Evaluate potential assets to determine worth and scope